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Viewing the Knowledgebase

To browse through the knowledgebase, click the "Knowledgebase" button in the top navigation bar. When one or more articles are available in the category you are currently browsing, they will be listed as well. To read an individual article, select it from the list.

To submit a new article to be added to our site, select "Submit an Article." To search for a specific article, then click "Search Knowledgebase" in the left sidebar and submit the search form.

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The subscriptions page permits you to control when you are notified of changes to the knowledgebase. You can be subscribed to both categories, and individual articles.

When you are subscribed to a category, you can choose to be notified when a new article is added to it, or when the category is changed somehow (by an article being added, modified, or deleted within the category).

When you are subscribed to an individual article, you can choose to be notified when the article is changed.

To make changes to your subscriptions, mark the appropriate boxes for each category or article. To unsubscribe from a category or article entirely, clear all the boxes for that category or article, then submit the form.

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You can rate any knowledgebase article by selecting a percentage under the "How useful did you find this article?" heading. After you have chosen a rating, click "Add Rating" to record it.

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Comments that have been submitted and validated appear at the bottom of the article page under the heading "Article Comments". You can add your own by clicking the "Add Comment" link.

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Your Support Tickets 

Submitting a New Ticket

To submit a new support ticket to our technicians, click on "Submit A Ticket" in the top navigation bar.

Information Required.

User Details.

  • Your email address or or alternative email addresses.
  • Your Company Name

Ticket Properties.

  • Subject. Provide a brief title or subject for your ticket.
  • Catergory. Select one of the support service selections
  • Support Priority. A list of service levels can be found here.

Additional Information

Make selections among the remaining options to help us organise and prioritise your submission, and provide the details of your ticket in the boxes provided.
Please provide as much detail as possible, including (if applicable), what steps are needed to reproduce the problem you are reporting.

 For general support issues,

  • The Answerspace Name
  • The interaction or form name
  • Your reference support number so we can sync with your systems reference. (Optional)
  • Any Browser / OS / Device details for issue reproduction.
  • A detailed summary of the issue and Steps To Reproduce the issue

A good example of (Steps To Reproduce)

1. Login as test. Password :Test

2. Browse to Construction > Update Jobs > Edit

3. Enter BLINK for the Vendor, Add a Material, and select any Material (eg. ANGLE BRACE), and fill out the rest of the form.

4. Go offline (or manually set deviceVars.isOnline = false in JS console) and click Submit to put the form into the Pending queue.

5. Navigate Home, then try to resume the Pending item.

6. Subform items are lost.

Additional Attachments.

Add any screen shots or diagrams we can use to help resolve the issue

 Submit the ticket  

If any errors are found, they will be highlighted and you'll be asked to correct them.

The system will then automatically performed a search for you and have come up with any knowledgebase articles that appear to be related to your ticket. If you find an article that looks like it may be useful, click on the title to load it instantly. You can view as many articles as you wish or submit your ticket if none of the results answer your ticket.

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Browsing Your Tickets

You can browse through every question you have submitted to our site, organized by opened and resolved status. Select "Your Questions" in the top navigation bar to open the list of all of your questions. Clicking on question Ref for a particular question will let you view it.

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Modify Ticket Properties

When viewing your question, you can click on "Modify Question Properties" in the left sidebar to open up the form that will let you edit certain properties of your ticket including: Subject, Category, Priority and the email address to send notifications to.

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Print Tickets

When viewing your question, you can click on "Print Question" in the left sidebar to open up a simple, printer-optimized view of your question and all of the replies.

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Close Ticket

You can close your own ticket if you no longer require help by clicking "Close" in the left sidebar.

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Your Account 

Logging In

To log into your account on the helpdesk, enter your username and password in the login form that appears in the left sidebar of each page. Go to Top

Registering a New Account

To register a new account, you can click the "Register" button in the top navigation bar. Also, simply submitting a question will automatically register a new account for you.

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General Settings

You can modify general profile settings like your name and timezone by click "Your Account" in the navigation bar, then "Your Profile" in the left sidebar.

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Update E-mail

You can use multiple e-mail addresses by using the form located in the "Update Email" page in your account. Click the "Your Account" button in the navigation bar, and then the "Update Email" link in the left sidebar.

To add a new e-mail address, enter it and select "Add New E-mail Address". A confirmation will be mailed to that address; follow the link in that mail to validate the address.

To make one of your e-mail addresses the default one used by our system to mail you, select it then select "Make Default".

To delete an e-mail address, select it then select "Delete Address". You cannot delete the currently selected default address.

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Update Password

To update your password, click "Your Account" in the top navigation bar and then "Update Password" in the left sidebar. Then, enter your existing password in the first box, then enter your new one twice in the next two boxes. Your password should be at least five characters in length.

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Lost Password / Account

If you cannot remember your account or password, then click on the "Lost Password?" link under the login form in the left sidebar of every page. By filling in the form you can request to have your account details sent to you via email by entering the email address associated with your account, or your username.

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